Danielle Oberheu

FAR Re-take

I want to re-post this on its own post: I need advice for FAR retake. I did not pass FAR, and I went and started studying for BEC right after I took FAR because I wanted to get these done as soon as possible and keep the momentum going. I just took BEC, and will get my results August 10th. Is it recommended I not re-study for FAR until I get my BEC results? I'm anxious to keep the momentum up and not sit and wait for 2 weeks but I could spend time studying for FAR and find out I didn't pass BEC. I also am in IL, so I cant get my score report for FAR so I don't know my weak areas, so that makes me nervous! I did get below a 70, I watched the video on re-taking, so I know I would be most efficient with my re-study if I knew my score report. Should I wait until I get this score report (past experience when I took exams 5 years ago this took almost 6 weeks) and wait until August 10th before starting FAR re-study? Anyone in CA, IL or MD know how long you had to wait for your score report?

BEC Written Q's

Are you able to use the research tool during the written questions testlet?