Passed FAR Perfect Score (75)!

Two down, two to go.

AUD next!
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Wiley Users 30 mcq test bank vs lesson


Question for the Wiley users, when you create your 30 MCQ testlet, do you always click on the questions for lesson assessment and test bank? I feel like Wiley almost always favors the lesson assessment questions. Usually like a 80Β  / 20 split. Would you click on only test bank questions every other day?Β 
On one hand, you want to redo questions, but you don't want to just memorize them.Β  Thoughts on what people do with this?

Passed BEC

Passed with an 80 using SuperFast CPA the first time! Now take that momentum and take on FAR! One down, three to go.Β 
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BEC essays in final review

When going through the final review, it is mentioned to do 2 sets of MCQ (30) and a set of SIMS (5-7) over and over.

How would the written communication tie into that for BEC? Anything specific to do for those in the final review?

BEC Written Communications


What is everyones advice on how to prepare for the written communications?

Would it just be to treat them like the SIMS and go through practice ones on the weekend?

Anything specific that helped?

Thanks in advance,