Score release today (and last night) - how did you do?

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Start a post in the "Your Wins" section and let us know how you did. And congrats to everyone who has already posted!

Scores are coming in...

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Hi all PRO members, we're scores are starting to come in... check your score and then make a post here letting us know how you did!:

May 25th Score Release...

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Hi everyone, we're having a lot of passing scores reported in the forum, create a post here and let us know how you did!

And if you missed your score, check out this post/video on studying for a retake...

May 11 Score Release - How did you do?

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Let us know how you did by creating a post here in the "Your Wins" area... a lot of you will probably get your score sometime tonight, and then the rest tomorrow.

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