Passed BEC

Just found out I passed my fourth and final CPA exam....BEC. So excited to be finished with this process and want everyone to know that just a year ago I was beginning my first exam, time flies, and if I can do it, anyone can! Just trust the process and keep pushing forward! 
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Might have to retake

Does anyone have a strategy for keeping BEC calculations/material fresh in your mind while waiting to see if you might have to retake? I felt there were several MCQs I probably missed because I only learned the calculation the way it was shown in Becker and didn't feel confident with rearranging the equations to get the answer I needed in exam question. I feel great about the written portion but don't know how closely they look at that if you missed several MCQs? I have two weeks before I find out if I passed or failed and hate to just lose everything in the meantime.