Kris I’m taking BEC next. Any tips? 
 Kris  I think that reading the review notes on the last two days did work, since it was a good refresher of all the topics that I studied. Also, kept on doing a bunch of MCQ’s the last days. And honestly, I thank God because the questions I got were topics that I was most familiar with. That definitely helped! 
Hi Nate, will the notes for BEC change significantly or are you adding a new section and keeping the rest? I was hoping to take it before June 30th, but won’t be able to make it. I’ve been reading the current notes. Thanks!
 Kayelani  Sorry to hear that. Are you retaking it anytime soon? 
 Elizabeth Moore  Congrats! I’m going to start studying this week.. how many weeks did you study? Can you share some useful tips? It must be such a wonderful feeling! Enjoy! 
Thank you, guys! I’ll give it my best tomorrow! 🙏